The Laws of the Nation

Section I: The Sovereign

  1. The sovereign has absolute power over the nation (4.1 is an exception).
  2. The sovereign service is for life.
  3. The sovereign is the only one who can change the laws of the nation if they wish to.
  4. The sovereign is the one resposible to see who serves in parliament.

Section II: Parliament

  1. Parliament are given titles of count/countess.
  2. When the sovereign term ends, parliament has the right to elect a new monarch.
  3. Parliament individuals can recommend who can be in parliament (see 1.4 ).
  4. Parliament has the right to propose new laws or adjustments ( see 1.3) .
  5. Parliament is the representative of the people. All concern and request must be voiced by them and shall be reported to the sovereign.
  6. The government shall meet every other week (that may change if necessary).

Section III: The Land

  1. The land of Mathema is one of the citizens of the nation, and it owns itself (see 3.2).
  2. The government is the legal guardian of the land ( aka mat ).
  3. Individuals who harm the land of the Mathema shall be exiled.
  4. An individual in parliament is responsible for taking care of the land (decided by members of parliament).

Section IV: The Citizens

  1. All UN human right law is given to the people.
  2. Citizens have the right to keep and bear books. This cannot be infringed by anyone.
  3. All opinions matter (No one is shut down without a legitimate reason).
  4. The citizens have the right to nominate themselves for a position in parliament (see 2.3).
  5. Citizens who are ignorant or stupid shall be prosecuted ( this process will be long since that statement is subjective and everyone is intelligent in one way or other).